Adam Conrad

Adam Conrad

Director of Engineering at Indigo • Advisor • Speaker • Writer

Current work

I lead the Transport team at Indigo trying to sustainably feed the world through better farming. I also run the GetToKnow Slack app to help you learn about your teammates and PeerGym for finding gyms in your local community. Need some technical expertise? Check out my boutique consulting firm.

Open source contributions

I’ve contributed to Bootstrap, thoughtbot Laptop, AASM, ActiveAdmin, the Elixir language, UeberAuth, Neutrino, and Gulp-copy. My biggest contributions are to Elixir-Slack and Deno (the rebuild of NodeJS). I’m also in the top 15% all time of contributors on Stack Overflow.

Speaking I’ve done

All of my talks can be found on SpeakerDeck. My most recent talk was on code review in JavaScript. My most recent interview was on Software Engineering Daily where I am also a writer.

Books I’m writing

I’m currently working on a companion book to The Algorithm Design Manual written in JavaScript based on this series. If you’re interested in getting an early copy sign up for the newsletter.