I provide a weekly newsletter for both email and RSS featuring a highly-curated list of articles in the field of user interface development and engineering management. These are hand-crafted each and every week by me to ensure the highest level of relevance and quality.

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The two biggest reasons to sign up for the newsletter are content quality and exclusive articles you won’t find anywhere else. I try to offer a few advantages in our newsletter that we haven’t seen anywhere else:

Brief, but up-to-date

I’m not sure why, but we always thought the whole point of newsletters was so that you didn’t have to sift through a ton of stuff. And yet, most email newsletters are still super dense. I try to keep the number of articles to less than 10 so you only see the best content. I also make sure they are relevant to what you’re interested in now, not last year. You won’t likely ever find a throwback article, particularly in a field that is changing so rapidly.

Organized by experience level

It’s really hard to judge from a title (outside of the few extremely obvious ones) what articles are aimed at beginners versus seasoned veterans. Wouldn’t it be great if you could skip all of the articles that are too easy (or too advanced)? I thought you’d say yes. I also make sure we provide a few extras, as well as articles on the bleeding-edge, so there’s always something new to discover, regardless of your experience with UI.

You’ll learn something new

The software disciplines attract people who naturally crave knowledge. You deserve a newsletter that actually helps you move forward in your career. I tend to skip purely opinion pieces and fluff articles, in favor of articles that teach and instruct. That doesn’t mean they’re necessarily technical; lots of great articles can teach about soft skills and aspects outside of design and programming, and we won’t shy away from those. I will also make sure that if it is an opinion piece, it provides at least one takeaway.

Not sure about an article? I annotate every link with a summary. So even if you can only read the headline, we’ll follow up with either why you should read it, or what you should take away from the article.

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